Hunters Pointe News

Winter Hours for 2013/2014

We'll keep the range and the west clays course open for winter shooting. Saturday's and Sunday's from 12 Noon until 5PM. Weekdays by reservation/appointment. Machines will throw ok as long as it's above 10 degree's and the rifle range is staying free of drifting snow except up around the building. I'll keep it cleaned up as much as we can as winter progresses.

Rifle Range Goes "Hot" to 400 Yards

With all of the weather set backs and waiting for this and that we're finally going to put the rifle/pistol range in action. We've finished the target lines to 400 yards yesterday and finished 8 benches (no stools) at dark last night. With the 5 Old benches we have we can put 13 lanes in action this weekend. We'll finish the 600 Yard targets next week and the other seven concrete benches this afternoon. By the end of next week it'll all be done. You can shoot when you want for now and we'll continue to "tweak" operations and targets as we go.