Hunters Pointe News

Infield Done on the Rifle/Pistol Range

Have received a lot of calls on the new range. It's been slow with all of the rain and it's made it tough to move dirt. The infield was finished yesterday and the new building arrives Monday 24 June. The 600 yard burm has about 8 hours of machine time in it but may be close to being done in the next week or so. The 145 foot protective wall should be up the 1st week in July so expecting to be shooting about the same time frame. Thanks for the patience, it won't be long now.

10 Week Summer Sporting League - Start 21 May 13

Started sending out the Flyer for Summer League 2013 to all who are involved with Hunters Pointe. League will begin the week of 21 May after the kids are out of school. League will be shot at member rates $18/50 targets weekly and is ten (10) weeks long. Teams can roster from two (2) to five (5) persons to shoot each week and can shoot Tuesday through Sunday (6 Nights to shoot). The "Weekly Team Score" will be the highest two individual scores for the week. Youth Shooters (Under Age 16) receive a 25% discount but must shoot while accompanied by an adult.