Hunters Pointe News

Gift Certificates

Several calls on whether we did Gift Certificates for the Holidays. Yes we do on Sporting Clays, Club Memberships and Preserve Pheasant Hunts. You can email or call Hunters Pointe (605) 363-6489 or contact Chris @ 605-366-8198. We'll have them in the mail the next day.

Still Throwing Targets in December

Traps are still performing well but were getting ready for what we know is coming, winter. Front stations along the lake, 1-10 will remain open until snow flies. We've closed the back half and pulled the traps into the shop for winter maintenance work. From here until the snow gets too deep we'll keep the fronts half, the two man flurry and the compact course ready to shoot. Week day shoots can still be arranged by call Chris at 366-8198.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Weather to Warm Up - the later part of the week. We're going to take Tanksgiving (closed) but we will open by noon to sunset on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's a little chilly, traps will be stiff below 20 degrees, but we'll open early if someone tells us there is a need.