Hunters Pointe News

Trick or Treat "Nite Shoot" 29 October

We cleared up the compact and got all the bulbs going to shoot in the dark. Shot it last weekend at it was more than just fun. Contemplating a "Nite Shoot" on Saturday 29 October. Strictly Flurry's, 2, 4 and 7 man flurry's (25-160 targets). For those who don't know, the big flurry throws 160 targets in just under 8 minutes. Add florescent targets and lites and it's truly a "Hoot". If your interested send us an email or call Chris at the shop. We're still in the planning stages now.

Fall 2011 Prices/Rates

A lot of calls on pricing. I hope this helps. Non Members: Half course, ten fields, 50 targets is $21. Full course, 20 fields, 100 targets, is $39.50.

Personal/Family Membership is $100 per year. Members are allow to pre pay targets in (lots) of 500 & 1000. Targets can be used anywhere on the Main, Compact, Flurrys, Wobble Trap and Trap field. Price for members are $163 per 500, or $292 per thousand. Members are allowed two (2) guest per visit at membership prices.

Course Hours for Fall 2011

We're trying to close out on the remodeling and the finish work is slower. With some many more days before freeze up, Matt and I will be on the course as much as possible during the day light hours. If your looking to shoot outside of normal posted hours just call ahead (reagardless of party size) as we're probably going to be at the club already. Let us know what you need and we should be able to make it work.