Hunters Pointe News

Addition Construction Begins

East side of Pro Shop is going to be torn up for the next month or so with the 32" building addition starting. Patience during the remodel is appreciated but if you come in with a cart & trailer please park up on top of the hill. There's not going to be much room to turn a trailer around until we can drive around the buildings again.

Summer League 2016

The 10 Week summer league will begin Tuesday, 17 May 2016. Teams can roster up to six shooters but the "high two scores" will be the weekly team score. Youth Shooters are encouraged. Shooting forward is permitted but no make up shooting permitted after the scores are entered Sunday night. At least two shooters must shoot by Sunday night for the weekly team score. Teams can chose the best night of the week for them to shoot as it's a different target set/game every week. Contact Chris for more information or you sign up when you come into shoot.