Hunters Pointe News

Rifle Range Remains Open to 600 Yards

We plowed out the infield and the wind has done the rest. The range is open all of the way to the 600 Yard line. It'll remain open through the winter so we can sight in our Chritmas guns before spring. Club will stay at normal "Winter Operations" (Saturday and Sunday's - Noon to 5 PM) from now until the end of March. I'm here during the week but please call for reservations to make sure our schedules are the same.

Winter Hours and Operations

We'll continue to throw clays and maintain the rifle range through the winter and we can throw clays down to about 10 degree's. Saturday and Sunday's, noon until dusk are normal winter hours. Weekdays I'm in and out with the weather and projects so please call so we can maintain a schedule that supports your needs and our tasks. (605-366-8198 best number)