Hunters Pointe News

Contacting the Club

We're outside on the clays courses and the range most of the day and I understand that we are hard to reach. For safety reasons we can't be with the phone at all times. EMAIL is the best form of contact for the fall hours and then my cell (605) 366-8198 but understand that we may be conducting a shoot at the time you call and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Summer League 2014

Summer league will start the week of 20 May 2014. Teams can have up to five shooters, youth shooters age 12+ but the highest two individual scores represent the team score for the week. At lease two shooters have to shoot for the week to get the team score in. You have six (6) nights a week to shoot, Tuesday - Sunday, and we shoot a different set of targets each week. Teams will regisiter in the pro shop when they arrive to shoot the first week course. Summer league will be shot at member pricing, $18 per week target costs. Each shooter will shoot 50 targets per week.