Rifle Range Goes "Hot" to 400 Yards

With all of the weather set backs and waiting for this and that we're finally going to put the rifle/pistol range in action. We've finished the target lines to 400 yards yesterday and finished 8 benches (no stools) at dark last night. With the 5 Old benches we have we can put 13 lanes in action this weekend. We'll finish the 600 Yard targets next week and the other seven concrete benches this afternoon. By the end of next week it'll all be done. You can shoot when you want for now and we'll continue to "tweak" operations and targets as we go.

Infield Done on the Rifle/Pistol Range

Have received a lot of calls on the new range. It's been slow with all of the rain and it's made it tough to move dirt. The infield was finished yesterday and the new building arrives Monday 24 June. The 600 yard burm has about 8 hours of machine time in it but may be close to being done in the next week or so. The 145 foot protective wall should be up the 1st week in July so expecting to be shooting about the same time frame. Thanks for the patience, it won't be long now.


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  • Greatest range in the state - long range rifle, sporting clays, trap, skeet they've got it all. To top it off Chris, Brenda and Matt are AWESOME!

  • Such a great place! Sporting clays is my favorite, but they have an awesome rifle and pistol range as well. If you love shooting, you can't miss with Hunters Pointe!

  • Hunters Pointe was a great solution for our corporate event. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and made the whole experience a lot of fun.

  • What a blast! I brought some family and friends out to Hunters Pointe for the afternoon and we had a lot of laughs.

  • We used Hunters Pointe for our wedding reception. It was a casual event that allowed us to grill out with family and friends.